Year 2005

Type of service

AKVINTA VODKA at the London Wine Fair 2009

What was the challenge

This was Akvinta’s first ever participation at an international show. Our client Red Orange Advertising Agency in Malta working on behalf of Akvinta, organised a meeting at the Company’s head office when a presentation of our initial designs were presented to client.

Our proposal focusing mainly on the bottle design presentation which for their brand was most important, as this bottle was being launched in London at the show.

So our design projected a clear white stand with red colour features and above all purposely design and produced large “A” round logos. The stand which included a fully furnished stylized private discussion area with whote Italian designed leather sofas, a fully fleched bar area and other features specialized features such as red colour crystal Czech made chandeliers and product display areas. The stand really stood out amongst other stand especially when uniformed Croatian hostesses started manning the stand and serving Akvinta Vodka to visiting clients.

Description of project

Croatia’s Akvinta is a blend of triple-distilled high-grade Italian wheat spirit filtered through Charcoal, Marble, Silver, Gold and Platinum and then diluted with Croatian spring water. First appearing in the UK’s style bars in 2008, Akvinta quickly established itself in the super-premium vodka category and has been picking up Gold Medals at various international competitions ever since. Akvinta is certified both kosher and organic.

When the small vodka business began a few years back, it was competing against the likes of Smirnoff, Grey Goose, and Stoli, to name just a few. But Akvinta was different. Its vodka featured 100 percent USDA certified organic content–unlike competitors, it didn’t contain any impurities, preservatives, or chemicals.

Akvinta’s marketing campaign underscored the difference, billing its product as “the honest vodka” and promising never to hide any ingredients. As a result of its authenticity, Akvinta began being served at Jean-Georges and Nobu (two top Manhattan restaurants) and was named Virgin Atlantic airline’s exclusive vodka. Akvinta is packaged in a crystal clear bottle highlighting the vodka’s main ingredient, sparkling Dalmatian spring water. The luxurious bottle designed by Lewis Moberly of London has a red glaze on the bottom to reflect the Mediterranean warmth, color and style, a gold V in the logo and a seal verifying the Quintuple Filtration process. Akvinta has received several prestigious awards including the Mobius Award for Design and Packaging and a Gold medal for Design and Packaging from Drinks Business. Akvinta is available in 750ml and 1.0L.

List of Services

Design and construction of Custom designed stand