Do I absolutely need a wedding planner? What about your company to be my coordinator? My venue has a coordinator? What is the difference?

Year 2015

It is very possible to have a wedding without a planner or coordinator and to use us as logistical project managers. But a wedding planner or coordinator could make things easier on you, your partner, your family and more importantly – you, the couple, should not be the ones bearing the weight of the details/logistics/time checking on the wedding day. So here’s what you need to know:

A wedding planner is someone who helps you with the research, design, planning, and logistics leading up to the wedding. Sometimes this starts as early as one or even two years before the wedding, when there isn’t even a venue or date chosen yet. The wedding planner is there to help you through the entire process from day one through the wedding day, to take care of lots of it for you, and to make it all happen.