Year 2017

DHL International CEO awards held in Malta with 450 pax where our group took care of the whole set-up in 4 different venues in 1 week, namely, Hilton, Fort St Elmo, Mdina and Safi Aviation Park.

1st night at Hilton was a theme building event where all the DHL employees were given a task to set-up all lounge seating, basic lighting, food stations and heaters to create an atmosphere according to their own imagination.

2nd night was the Gala Night at Fort St Elmo where we roofed the whole piazza with a transparent marquee for the Awards Night.

3rd event was a visit to Mdina with a coffee break in 3 separate picturesque locations in Mdina where our set-up consisted of Traditional Maltese decoration with authentic props

4th event was a challenge all the DHL employees had to go for before they leave Malta. It was the pulling of the DHL Plane at the Safi Aviation Park, where we created 2 set-ups where all the employees could rest, sit and relax for the last briefing.