Montgomery, the global events company is 100 years old.

Year 2015

In 1895, a young gentleman by the name of Greville Montgomery set up the first specialised building fair in London, called The Building Trades Exhibition. The fair sowed the seeds for the global Montgomery brand you see today.

Montgomery is an independent exhibition and events company at the forefront of trade and consumer shows in Europe, Asia, Africa and the Middle East. Running over fifty events in over fifteen countries , with events that span the fields of art, photography and design, food, drink and hospitality, homes and building, technology, security, mining and industrial as well as automotive. These events cover both trade and consumer shows as well as specialist events.

Casapinta Exhibitions & Events; relationship with Montgomery Group goes back a number of years, when Montgomery were looking at Libya to start organising exhibitions there. Through the years a very strong relationship was forged with the Group organising the Libya Oil & Gas Show, Projex Libya and Infrastructure Libya for many years with Casapinta Exhibitions & Events and later on through Pan Libya Malta Ltd acting as the exclusive exhibition designers and contractors.

Having been closely involved in successful events for the Oil Industry in Libya, together we believes that, in the longer term, Libya will offer excellent opportunities for various trade exhibitions and conferences in a number of sectors to support the regeneration of the country’s oil and gas industry and its economic future.

Together Montogmery and Casapinta Group will monitor the situation in Libya closely and when we deem it appropriate Montgomery will announce new plans for such events and how these will be delivered to meet the best interests of both exhibitors and visitors alike.



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